10 Winter Hair Care Routine Tips You Should Know For Healthy Hair

Winter is here and our hair problems are too, cold winter weather is harsh on all hair types it gives hair problems such as hair fall, dandruff, dry and frizzy hair, etc.

Just like the winter skincare routine our hair also needs a winter hair care routine to make hair healthy and boost hair growth in winter.

Winter hair care routine for healthy hair

But what to do to maintain hair in cold weather and to prevent winter hair problems?

Try these 10 winter hair care routine tips to make your hair healthier and stronger, include these tips in your winter hair care routine to prevent all winter hair problems and make your hair healthier and stronger.

Winter Hair Care Tips

1) Cover Your Hair with Hat

It is essential to wear hats during the cold winter season because cold dry air, snow, wind, and rain can strip natural oil from hair and cause many hair problems, and makes hair more prone to breakage so wear your hat.

Fleece, cotton, and different textures can cause breakage also, so make a point to fix your cap with silk or glossy silk to prevent hair damage.

2) Use a Humidifier

The humidifier is best to prevent dry hair in winter, indoor heating cause dry air in your home and makes hair dry. Humidifier rehydrates the hair and prevents hair dryness.

3) Trim Your Hair Ends

Trimming your hair once a month is a good way to prevent dry split ends that make hair looks bad, trim your hair to keep your locks looking fresh and healthy.

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4) Avoid Hot Water Shower

It’s difficult to avoid hot water showers in winter, but hot water strips the natural oil from hair making it more frizzy, dry, and prone to hair breakage, instead use luke warm water to wash your hairs.

5) Avoid Heat

Permitting your hair to air dry is ideal. Blow drying strips the moisture from hair and makes hair dry and frizzy and increases the chances of breakage.

6) Don’t go outside with wet hair

Wet hair can cause more damage than dry hair, going outside with wet hair can make hair frizzy and cause hair breakage.

Winter Hair Care Routine Home Remedies

1) Warm Oil Treatment

Oiling your hair is the number one hair care tip that everybody needs to comply with in winter. Giving your hair a warm oil rub down is like offering it a complete plate of crucial food. It treats your dry scalp and nourishes your hair and its follicles from within.

2) Aloe Vera Hair Mask

If you are looking for a natural hair softener, then aloe vera is undoubtedly the one you can rely on. It is naturally infused with hair-softening properties. Combining it with any nourishing hair oil can do magic for your hair.

3) Milk And Honey Hair Mask

Milk and honey come with hair-softening properties. Apply a mask made with milk and honey it will nourish your hair from the inside and leaves hair with shine and softness.


  1. How often should I wash my hair in the winter?

    Wash your hair twice a week, if you have an oily scalp you can wash your hair 2-3 times a week

  2. Do we lose more hair in winter?

    Hair fall in winter is normal, many people experience hair fall during the winter season because dry air in winter strips the natural oil from hair which causes dry, frizzy hair and breakage, which leads to hair fall.

  3. Which oil I should apply on my hair in winter?

    Coconut oil is best for hair in winter, in winter hair gets dry so coconut oil provides nourishment to hair and makes hair soft and healthy.

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