Shocking Slugging Benefits To Your Skin
What Does Slugging Means? Slugging is the layering of your face with petroleum jelly, it is the last step of the night skincare routine
Benefits of Skin Slugging
1) It Seals Moisture - Slugging locks moisture in your skin and prevent your skin from getting dry, it helps your skin to stay hydrated and your skin looks more glowing
2) Slugging Prevent Skin Damage - Slugging your face helps you to prevent skin damage doing slugging the last step in your night skincare will help your skin to prevent skin damage.
3) Slugging Your Face Daily Benefits- Slugging your skin daily can help your skin to retain moisture, slugging makes your skin more healthier and glowing
4) Don't For Skin Slugging
1) If you have acne-prone oily skin avoid slugging, it will trigger your acne.
2) Avoid slugging during the day, because dust can stick on your face and can cause acne.