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6 Amazing Kareena Kapoor Beauty Tips

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1) Coconut Water 
Kareena Kapoor drinks coconut water daily to keep her skin hydrated and glowing

2) Removes Makeup
Kareen Kapoor makes sure to remove makeup before going to bed to prevent skin problems

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3) Kareena Kapoor's Skincare 
She always follows the CTM routine ( Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturise) most important step she never misses is moisturizing her skin

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4) Eat Healthily 
Kareena Kapoor follows a proper healthy diet to keep her body healthy and to make her skin glowing and flawless

Image Credit : google 5) Drinks Lot's Of Water 
Kareena Kapoor drinks lots of water daily to keep her body and skin hydrated and healthy

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6) DIY Face Pack 
Kareena Kapoor applies DIY homemade face pack to keep her skin glowing and flawless