7 Steps To Build A Good Skincare Routine ( Ultimate Guide)

If you are new to skincare and looking for how to build the best skincare routine here you will get to know the ultimate guide to the perfect skincare routine. Having a costly product is not important but giving your skin what it needs is the most important in your skincare routine.

How to build good skincare routine

How To Build The Best Skincare Routine

1) Cleanse Your Face Twice A Day ( Morning And Night)

Cleansing your face is the most important step in building a good skincare routine, clean your face properly with the right cleanser to remove dirt and impurities, make sure to clean your hands properly before cleansing your face, and if you are a daily makeup person go for a double cleansing method.

How To Choose The Right Cleanser

First know your skin type, if your skin is oily acne prone then choose an oily skin type cleanser that contains salicylic acid, for dry skin go for a moisturizing cleanser that contains Hyaluronic acid, for normal skin go for a normal skin type cleanser.

2) Toner ( Morning and Night)

Apply toner after cleansing a face, it helps to remove dirt and makeup left after cleansing a face and helps to maintain ph balance on the skin, close pores, and brighten skin.

How To Choose The Right Toner

Choose an alcohol-free hydrating toner according to your skin type, don’t go for a toner that contains alcohol it will be harsh on your skin and can irritate it.

3) Serum (Morning And Night)

Apply vitamin C serum in the morning it will help your skin to protect from free radicals and brighten up your skin. At night use a serum according to your skin problems if you have dry skin go for Hyaluronic acid serum, for oily acne-prone skin go for salicylic acid, for oily skin go for niacinamide serum, for normal skin go for glycolic or Hyaluronic acid serum. Choose a serum according to your skin type and what your skin needs.

4) Moisturizer ( morning and night)

Apply moisturizer every day even if you have oily skin, it keeps skin moisturized and hydrated and prevents skin from getting dull.

Oily skin: choose an oil-free, lightweight moisturizer or gel-based moisturizer

Dry Skin: Choose a hydrating moisturizer that provides nourishment to the skin.

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5) Eye Cream ( Morning and night)

Apply hydrating eye cream under your eyes and if you are using a specialized eye cream that is thicker than moisturizer then apply it before your moisturizer. Choose the eye cream according to what your under-eye skin needs.

6) Spot Treatment ( night)

If you have acne and dark spots add a spot treatment to your skincare routine at night, when your body is in repair mode and that will work effectively.

7) SPF ( Morning)

Always apply your sunscreen in the morning to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, and to prevent tanning and sunburn, sunscreen is the most important step in morning skincare, without sunscreen your skincare is useless so don’t forget to apply sunscreen.

Correct Skincare Order

The correct skincare order is to apply your skincare products from thinner to thicker.

Correct Morning Skincare Order

1) Cleanser

2) Toner

3) Serum

4) Eye Cream

5) Moisturizer

6) Sunscreen

Correct Night Skincare Order

1) Cleanser

2) Toner

3) Serum

4) Eye cream

5) Moisturizer

6) Spot treatment


  1. How can I have a healthy skin care routine

    To have a healthy skincare routine first know your skin type and according to that build your healthy skincare routine.

  2. How to choose the right skin care routine?

    Choose the skin care according to your skin type and skin concern and that will be your right skin care routine.

  3. What are the steps for morning skin care routine?

    morning skincare steps are as follows:
    1) Cleanser
    2) Toner
    3) Serum
    4) Eye Cream
    5) Moisturizer
    6) Sunscreen

  4. When should I apply face pack to skin care routine?

    You can apply a face pack after washing your face (twice a week) and then you can do your skincare routine.

  5. Which is the best age to start skin care routine?

    There is no age to start skincare, if you start skin care at an early age then it will benefit you more by preventing skin problems.

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