The Ultimate Glow Up Checklist You Need For Extreme glow up 2023

Are you looking for the best glow-up checklist to level up your glow up routine, then you are in right place here you will get to know about the Ultimate glow up checklist that will help you to transform your mind, body, and emotion and you will get extreme glow up from inside out.

Glow up checklist

Before we get started let’s see what glow up means:

What Is Glow Up?

Glow up is the transformation of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally to become a better version of yourself.

Glow up is a beautiful change in a person, that transforms a person’s appearance not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.

Glow up is working on yourself, loving who you are, taking care of yourself, and doing self care activities to glow up from the inside out.

Now you all understand what is glow up now let’s see a glow up checklist to level up your glow up routine.

Glow Up Checklist

1) Hydration

Glow Up Checklist

The first step in your glow routine should be to keep your body hydrated, it keeps you energetic all day, improves mood, helps in proper body functioning, improves sleep quality, and make your skin and hair hydrated.

Make sure to drink lots of water daily to kick start your glow up routine and to keep your body hydrated and healthy.

2) Exercise

Glow Up Checklist

Exercise daily to keep your body fit, and to transform yourself physically, exercise helps to keep your body in shape, improves brain health, and helps to burn some extra calories it has many health benefits so exercise daily to improve your glow up.

3) Change Your Eating Habits

Glow Up Checklist

To get a glow up you also have to change your unhealthy eating habits to healthy eating habits, add more colorful fruits and green veggies to your diet to keep your body healthy and it will keep you energetic all day.

4) Clear Your Skin

Glow Up Checklist

It’s time to focus on your skincare, and build a good skincare routine that will improve your skin problems and give you clear glowing skin.

Some skincare tips you need to add in your skincare for clear skin

1) Use Clay mask twice a week to get rid of pimples

2) Use salicylic acid in your skincare to clear acne

3) wash your face twice a day to prevent skin problems

4) don’t touch your face with dirty hands

5) Don’t skip your SPF

6) Moisturise your skin with good moisturizer

7) Exfoliate twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells and to improve pimples.

5) Shower Daily

Glow Up Checklist

Shower daily to prevent body acne and to keep your body clean, do body care in your shower to keep your body glowing.

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6) Smell Good

Glow Up Checklist

Make sure you always smell good, bad body odor can make you embarrassed in public, so make sure to use good quality perfume to always smell amazing.

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7) Brighten Up Your Smile

Glow Up Checklist

A smile is the most attractive thing a person has, to make your smile attractive, make sure to maintain your oral hygiene and whiten your teeth to brighten your smile.

8) Lip Care

Glow Up Checklist

Don’t forget to take care of your lips, dry and chapped lips will make your smile dull, so here are some lip care tips that will keep your lips soft and pink:

1) Exfoliate your lips gently twice a week

2) Apply lip mask twice a week to make your lips more soft and pink

3) Use a good quality lip balm to keep your lips hydrated

4) Make sure while going in sun you apply lip balm that contains SPF

9) Keep Your Hair Healthy

Glow Up Checklist

Make sure you keep your hair healthy, healthy hair makes your overall appearance more attractive, and build a good haircare routine to keep your hair frizz-free and soft.

Hair care tips for healthy hair

1) Apply hydrating hair mask twice a week

2) Use sulfate free shampoo

3) Apply hair serum daily

5) Use heat protection spray brfore styling your hair

10) Journaling

Glow Up Checklist

Add a habit of journaling in your glow up, it will help you to glow up from within, write your thoughts, goals, feelings, and good things that happened to you in a day, trust me journaling every day will keep you happier, and you can achieve your goals easily and you will feel stress-free and happier.

11) Set Your Goals

The first step in your glow-up journey is to set clear and achievable goals. Take some time to think about what you want to achieve and write down your goals. They can be short-term or long-term goals, but make sure they are realistic and specific.

12) Find Your Signature Style

Discovering your unique style and dressing to your body type is an important part of your glow-up. Experiment with different styles until you find the one that suits you best. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces to create your own unique style.

13) Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill is a great way to improve yourself and your confidence. Take up a new hobby, enroll in a class or workshop, or learn a new language. You never know where your newfound skills may take you.


The ultimate glow-up checklist is a comprehensive guide to becoming the best version of yourself. By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals, looking and feeling great, and living your best life. Remember, the most important thing is to believe in yourself and have the confidence to take action towards achieving your dreams.

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