Effective Acne Skincare Routine You Need To Know

Are you tired of Acne? We all have to struggle with acne, but what if you get the right acne-prone skincare routine steps that work wonders for your skin, yes we all hate 10 steps skincare, and actually, you don’t need that, here I am sharing with you the best acne skincare routine which doesn’t take much time and it’s effective to get rid of acne so let’s see it

Acne Skincare routine

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Morning Acne Skincare Routine

1) Cleanse Your Skin

You all cleanse your skin but do you know the right way to cleanse your skin? If No, then don’t worry, First step in cleansing your skin is to choose the right cleanser for acne skin, choose the salicylic acid or glycolic acid-based cleanser for acne, and don’t forget to choose the right skin type cleanser if you are confused which is the best cleanser you can check 👇🏻

Always wash your hands properly before cleansing your face and cleanse your face for at least 52 seconds to change your acne skincare game, don’t rub too harsh on your skin this can damage your skin, gently massage your cleanser all over the face and don’t forget to cleanse your hairline too.

2) Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturizer is the key to getting glowing skin, yes, acne-prone skin, and oily skin also need a moisturizer, if you leave your skin dry after washing your face this will lead your skin to produce more oil, use a lightweight moisturizer or gel-based moisturizer which contains Hyaluronic acid, glycerine, and ceramides this ingredient helps to keep skin hydrated without irritating acne.

3) SPF

Many people skip these steps because they think it’s not important or today is no sunny day so there is no need for sunscreen if you are doing this, stop doing it right now because without sunscreen your skincare is useless, sunscreen is the most important step in skincare especially if you have acne skin. Not just does it help to protect your skin from getting damaged by sun rays, it also helps to fade away dark spots, helps in anti-aging, and prevents Skin cancer.

Always choose the broad spectrum SPF that will protect from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun, Sunscreen should be of 30 SPF or more which is recommended by dermatologists and SPF should be non-comedogenic which doesn’t clog your pores and can be the reason for acne and don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen after 2-3 hours

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Acne Skincare For Night

1) Cleanse

Before going to bed cleanse your skin no matter how tired you are, sleeping without cleansing your skin can make your skin worst, don’t just use wet wipes and sleep, clean your skin, especially if you are wearing makeup, if you are doing makeup daily I suggest you do double cleansing method where you have to first massage oil on your skin and then wash it off with your cleanser this will leave your skin super clean and soft.

2) Best Acne Skincare Treatments

Night time is the best time to heal your skin, at night our body repairs itself while you sleep so skincare products work more effectively

Acne treatment to add to your acne skincare routine

Salicylic acid: it is a holy grail product for acne, salicylic acid is the beta hydroxy acid, well known for reducing acne by exfoliating your skin and unclogging block pores, and keeping your pores clear.

Benzoyl peroxide: it helps to shed dead skin cells, it treats acne by killing bacteria on the surface of your skin it is best for inflammatory acne

Glycolic acid: is the well-known Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) it is also used for acne and dark spots it is the smallest AHA which gets absorbed effectively in your skin, it’s very effective in exfoliating skin and treating and preventing acne and dark spots

3) Moisturize

Yes it is important to apply moisturizer after your acne products get absorbed wait for at least 15-20 minutes before applying moisturizer, you can use the same moisturizer you don’t need separate night cream, if you want to use night cream make sure it doesn’t have active ingredient mixing any active ingredient without knowing is a bad idea so use a simple night cream or gel-based moisturizer.

• What causes acne

Acne can cause by hormonal changes or having a bad lifestyle, eating too much fast food, not cleansing your face properly, sleeping with make-up, clogged pores, and not changing your dirty pillow cover daily this all can cause acne

• Can moisturizer cause acne

No moisturizer can’t cause acne if your moisturizer is comedogenic which can clog your pores and can cause acne


  1. Whats a good acne skin care routine?

    Good acne skincare routine is to first clean your skin properly with salicylic acid cleanser which is ideal for acne, then moisturize your skin, and do acne treatment

  2. How do I clear my acne routine?

    To clear acne, keep your skin clean and moisturized, follow proper diet, drink lots of water and do effective acne skincare

  3. What is the number 1 best way to get rid of acne?

    best way to get rid of acne is to drink lots of water, keep your skin clean and use salicylic acid in your acne skincare

  4. How long does it take acne to fully clear?

    Acne take atleast 2 months to fully clear, if you follow proper acne skincare and diet

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