my sunday cozy relax routine

Selfcare Sunday routine 

Sunday, the best day to relax by your hectic schedule many people plan their day how to relax on Sunday or many people just don’t plan their day and waste Sundays, so I am sharing my Sunday relax routine, how I relax on Sunday’s and how I prep myself for busy Monday, not wasting any more time so let’s see how I relax on Sunday’s. 

1) Waking up on Sunday: 

I wake up on Sunday around 9 to 10 am if I wake up early then again I go back to sleep because I want to complete my whole week’s sleep, yaa that’s funny but I do that on Sundays. 
after waking up I hydrate my body, I put a glass of water beside my bed to quickly Hydrate myself.
then I go open my window and stand there for 2 to 3 mins it wakes me up.
2) breakfast :

Sunday is the cheat day for all of us isn’t it, so I make my favorite breakfast with my cup of coffee.
 then I watch my favorite show and have my breakfast and then I spend  2 to 3 hours watching television.
3) Cleaning:

After that I clean my room I arrange all my stuff’s and put it in their place and clean my wardrobe and do dusting of my room then I put useful things which I need and remove unwanted things from my room.
Then I on humidifier it kills bacteria, relaxes me, and prevents my skin from drying.
I enjoy cleaning my room it makes me more productive and I feel good to see my clean and tidy room. 
Things which I love to do:

Then I do sketching which I love to do I enjoy doing it and then make myself a good meal which I love to eat after that I watch Netflix and enjoy my time. 
5) evening walk:  

In the evening I go for walk around 4 to 5 pm, I love going on evening walk it gives me a good vibe and I feel refresh. 
Plan Monday:

After my evening walk, I plan my Monday work. Yaa, we all are demotivated for Monday work, I also don’t want to go to work early morning but we have to go, 
So I plan my Monday, day for work and I prepare my mind for Monday’s work, I complete all my work on Saturday so that I can chill on Sunday. 
Sunday night:

Then I have my dinner after that I do my body care and skincare routine and relax myself to look fresh on Monday then I read my favorite book and write one line a day if you want to know what is one line a day you can check my previous post extreme glow up challenge in just one month I mentioned in it.
Soo yaa, this was my Sunday routine hope you guys like my Sunday routine. 
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