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How to look pretty and attractive instantly 
There are some times in our life when we all want to look pretty and more attractive naturally without much effort, we all want to look pretty and attractive all day whether you want to look pretty for your crush or yourself
Here are 15 simple beauty tips to look pretty and more attractive in the next 5 minutes, so let’s check them out!
1) Heels
Heels make us look more attractive you’ve heard this before, when you wear heels it will make you look more attractive and makes you walk with a good posture.
Make sure you are choosing the right color for your heels which can go with every casual outfit. 
2)  Be confident 
Confidence is the key to looking pretty instantly you will look more attractive if you are confident about yourself, be confident in the way you look and the way you talk trust me this will make you look better.
It might not be easy to be confident for some people but try and challenge yourself, and talk with yourself in front of the mirror this will help you to be confident day by day. 
3) choose the right outfit 
Wear comfortable outfits which make you comfortable all day long, choose the right outfit according to your body type, and make sure to wear the right color according to your skin tone which will make you even more attractive and pretty, don’t be afraid to experiment different styles of clothes trying different styles will help you to find what looks best on you.
4) Keep your hair clean and healthy 
Hair is the first thing people notice about you, taking care of your hair will make it look more shiny and beautiful, apply a hair mask twice a week to make your hair healthy, don’t forget to clean your hair, use good quality products for your hair try different hairstyles, add accessories to your hair this will make you look more pretty.
Apply hair mist to your hair this will protect your hair from the sun, and this will also make your hair smell good all-day
If you effective hair care routine you can check my previous post 👇🏻
5) Take care of your skin 
Taking care of your skin is really important, doing skincare  makes your skin more healthy and glowing, your skin will be going to get clear and flawless, and your makeup will also look more flawless and natural 
6) Good smile
People who always smile look so pretty and attractive instantly, smiling confidently makes you more pretty, so always smile and be happy this will make others attracted to you.
7) Hairstyles 
Trying different hairstyles is another way to enhance your look to be more pretty and attractive, adding accessories can bring a huge difference to your look, hair accessories look cute and attractive try to add hair accessories this will change your overall look
8) put on lipstick 
Putting on lipstick instantly makes you more attractive choose the correct shade of lipstick according to your skin color this will enhance your beauty, if you’re someone who doesn’t like to put on lipstick regularly you can try some tinted lip balm this will also look natural and pretty 
9) apply perfume 
Someone who smells good instantly attracts people to them, when some people walk by and smell good they leave a kind of good impression and attractiveness towards them that make them more attractive so smelling good is important, which everyone notices first so here I shared 👇🏻
how to smell good all day long in this post i shared insane ways you can smell amazing all day. 
10) Do nails 
Girl’s do your nails, maintain your nails you don’t have to do expensive nail art, just gave shape to your nails and put on nude or matte color nail paint this will also look pretty good, make sure your nails are clean and healthy, pretty long nails instantly looks more attractive and it enhance your beauty too. 
11) Quick Tips to look more attractive 
1) wearing anything red will make you more attractive. 
2) keep your head up don’t look down
3) Be confident even if you are not
4) Get 8 hours of sleep
5)  drink lots of water 
6) Don’t stress this makes you look dull
7) workout to maintain good posture 
8) Love yourself, you will glow differently 
9) fill in your eyebrows
10) eat healthier 
11) maintain good hygiene 
12) most important be confident in the way you look and smile

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