10 Summer Skincare Routine Tips To Get Summer Glow

Summer is here temperature is slowly growing higher, so we all get worried about getting tan and many other skin problems so here I am sharing with you all Summer skincare secrets to get glowing healthy skin so let’s see what is that secret summer beauty hacks. 

1)  oily skin 
The most common problem in summers is oily skin so here is a quick DIY face pack to control oil from your skin
Diy face pack:
1) take one teaspoon of fuller earth powder 
2) add one tablespoon of aloe vera gel 
3) add two to three tablespoons of rose water 
4) mix it well, and apply this face pack for 10 to 15 minutes. 
This DIY face pack will control oil from your face and give you glowing healthy skin. 
2) pimples
Everyone gets pimples in summer because of oily skin so here is a quick solution to get rid of pimples overnight, is to put a pimple patch in your beauty bag, yes pimple patch is a quick way to get rid of pimples
How to use pimples patch:
1) take one pimple patch 
2) apply it to a pimple 
3) and leave it overnight 
This will remove your pimples overnight and you will get clear skin.
3) how to control oil after makeup 
After doing makeup our skin gets oily and greasy here is a quick and simple way to fix it. 
Put blotting paper and loose powder in your bag, when you feel like your skin is getting oily then dab blotting paper on your skin this will absorb oil from your face, and apply loose powder if you want to. 
4) sunburn
Many people get sunburn if they don’t cover their face from the sun so here is a quick hack to get rid of sunburn. 
1) if you go out don’t forget to apply sunscreen 
2) after coming home apply aloe Vera ice cubes on the face
Diy aloe vera ice cubes :
1) take 2 to 3 tablespoons of aloe vera gel 
2) add rose water to it until it becomes like water.
3) then add crushed mint leaves in it  and make ice cubes of this mixture 
Apply these ice cubes on your face this will help to get rid of sunburn, tan and will make your skin fresh and glowy. 
5) tan
How to remove tan this is the most common question so here is the DIY to get rid of tan
1) take one teaspoon of orange peel powder 
2) add a pinch of wild turmeric powder to it 
3) add 2 to 3 tablespoons of rose water and mix it well 
Apply this mixture on your face for 10 to 15 minutes do this twice a week to get rid of tan and apply aloe Vera gel regularly to get rid of tan quickly and this will also give you clear glowing skin. 
10 quick Summer beauty hacks :
1) keep yourself hydrated ( try different juices) 
2) cleanse your face twice a day 
3) keep your skin hydrated apply moisturizer 
4) don’t forget to apply  SPF
5) keep your lips moisturized 
6) apply sheet mask once or twice a week 
7) have a good effective skincare 
8) exfoliate twice a week 
9) take shower daily
10) never squeeze a pimple 
Summer beauty bag essentials 
1) SPF
2) blotting paper 
3) sheet mask 
4) aloe vera gel 
5) rose water 
6) fuller earth powder 
7) moisturizer 
8) lip balm with SPF
9) pimple patches 
10) beauty sleep
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