Winter Skincare Hacks to Make Your Skin Smooth And Glowing

 Winters are here and we all know the biggest winter problem, dry skin, and many other skin problems so let’s see winter skincare hacks to make your skin soft and glowing.


1) dry skin solution 

* If you want soft skin in winters  apply milk cream twice a week on the face leave it for 15 minutes then wash it off 

* apply thick cream at night this will make your skin soft and smooth 

* try to use honey in face pack this will give soft and glowing skin 

2) hydration 

In winters we don’t drink water much but that’s the biggest mistake you are doing this will lead to dehydration and make your skin dull and dry so try to drink water, coconut water, juices, watery fruits by this your skin will start glowing 

3) moisturizer 

To get the full benefit of moisturizer apply your moisturizer on damp skin this will deeply hydrate your skin and make it soft and supple. use lightweight moisturizer at daytime to prevent oily looking skin, if you have very dry skin add two to three drops of facial oil in your moisturizer to make your skin soft and to prevent dryness. 

4) sunscreen 

Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean you don’t have to apply your SPF there are sun and sun rays that can damage your skin so apply sunscreen in winters too. 

5) change your cleanser 


Make sure you have changed your cleanser according to your skin type, in winters your skin gets dry so use a creamy and moisturizing cleanser. 

To avoid dryness after cleansing your face, massage your face with almond oil for two to three minutes and put a warm wet towel on your face for 1 minute, before cleansing your face this will not only prevent skin from drying but also deep clean skin and helps to remove blackheads and whiteheads. 

6) sleeping mask

To hydrate your skin deeply and to make it soft and glowing use a sleeping mask twice a week sleeping mask contains Hyaluronic acid which hydrates your skin and makes it soft and supple. If you can’t afford a sleeping mask use instead aloe vera gel that works well too. 

7) dry lips

A common problem in winter is dry lips to prevent dry lips:

• use lip balm with shea butter 

• apply milk cream on your lips for 15 minutes 

• don’t lick your lips, your lips will get more dry and dark so avoid licking your lips. 

8) limit shower time

Avoid long showers, this will dry your skin limit your shower time to 15 minutes try to take shower with warm water before shower massage body oil on your body this will prevent dryness, and after shower apply body lotion on damp skin if you have very dry skin add two to three drops of body oil and then apply it.

9) exfoliation 

Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin this will remove dead skin cells and help to remove dryness and regenerate new cells

10) winter essential 

• lip balm

• oil-based moisturizer 

• body oil

• facial oil

• sleeping mask or aloe vera gel 

• creamy cleanser

• hydrating face mask

Try these winter tips and hacks and enjoy your winter without worrying about dry and dull skin.

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