10 Effective Tips for How to Get Clear Glowing Skin

 Who doesn’t want clear glowing skin but you are searching for effective tips to get glowing radiant skin so in this post you will going to know how exactly you can get clear glowing skin 

1) To get the clear glowing skin you need to know what is your skin type, you can’t apply anything on your skin this will going to harm your skin and nothing will work. 


2) hydration- your skin also needs water like your body so drink plenty of water and apply hydrating moisturizer even if you have oily skin. 

3) aloe vera- applying a thick layer of aloe Vera gel regularly can give you glowing skin trust me it’s cheap but the most effective way to get glowing skin, apply it for 15 to 30 minutes regularly to get clear glowing skin. 

4) choose your skincare products and face packs according to your skin type even if you are making a DIY face pack make it according to your skin type don’t just put anything in your face pack, first research on the internet to make a DIY face pack 

5) drink coconut water daily this is the celebrity secret to achieve glowing healthy skin coconut water has many benefits it hydrates skin and gives a natural glow to the skin. 

6) eating healthy food will make your skin and body healthy because what you eat reflects on your skin if you eat junk food you will get pimples and your skin will going to be dull. Of course, you can’t completely stop junk food eat your favorite food but in less quantity try to eat more healthily. 

7) consistency- to get glowing skin consistency is the key, you have to do your skincare consistently that’s when you are going to see results so be consistent with your skincare and change your skincare according to what your skin needs.

8) sun-protection- SPF is really important in your skincare you have to apply sunscreen even if you are at your home apply at least SPF 30 don’t just apply a small amount of SPF you need to apply two fingers of SPF and have to reapply it after 2 to 3 hours. 

9) don’t be harsh with your skin this will going to damage skin wash your face gently and also apply skincare products gently.

10) last but not least get a good amount of beauty sleep and don’t take much stress about anything keep yourself happy and healthy you will definitely going to get clear glowing skin. 

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