How To Get Clear Skin: 10 Effective Ways That Works

Clear skin! Who doesn’t want crystal clear skin.
We try many things to get clear skin but we forget that we all have different skin types everyone’s skin react differently some people can see faster results and other people not getting results it depends on every skin types.
Before applying any products or DIY you should check if it is for your skin type because if you are not doing skincare according to your skin type then it is totally waste it will do more harm to your skin.
So let’s see effective clear skin tips and hacks that work for every skin types people.
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How To Get Clear Skin Naturally At Home


1) Ice Cubes For Clear Skin

Applying ice cubes to your face every day is great, it gives you clear glowing skin apply ice every day it will give you facial like glow you can try DIY ice cubes which is more beneficial to your skin

• Diy ice cubes

1) Take 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel
2) Add 3 tablespoons of rose water to it
3) Mix it well and pour it into the ice cube tray
4) Then apply ice cubes on your face every day
Applying these ice cubes daily will reduce your pimples, darkspots and hydrate your skin apply it daily for better results.

2) Clay Mask For Clear Skin

Applying a clay mask twice a week will help you to get rid of pimples and oil this will deeply clean your face and gives you clear skin try to include a clay mask in your beauty routine to get flawless skin. You can try aztec secret Indian healing face mask this face pack is my personal favourite, it helps to reduce pimples and dark spots it helped me to clear my skin, this clay mask exfoliates skin, improves skin texture and control oil from face. 

3) Spot Treatment For Clear Skin

If you have dark spots on your face doing a spot treatment will lighten your dark spots

Diy Spot Treatment

1) Take a pinch of wild turmeric powder
2) Add a half teaspoon of aloe vera gel
3) Mix it well
Apply this mixture on dark spots and pimples for 15 mins then wash it off.
If you don’t want to do DIY so you can use tea tree oil for your spot treatment, tea tree oil is great for pimples and dark spots, first do a patch test before applying tea tree oil and don’t apply it directly on your face mix it with some face pack or moisturizer then apply it to your face.

4) Dirty Pillowcase

This is the biggest mistake we do, we don’t change our pillowcases daily, because of dirty pillowcases we get pimples so change your pillowcase regularly if you want clear skin.

5) Skincare Products

Choose the right skincare products according to your skin type and what your skin needs, be consistent with your skincare this will definitely give you clear glowing skin avoid doing skincare mistakes that will ruin your skin you can check my post skincare mistakes you should never do

6) Chemical Exfoliator

Use a chemical exfoliator twice a week to get clear glowing skin this is a great way to get clear skin chemical exfoliator remove dead skin cells, small bumps from your face, lighten your dark spots and reduce pimples and give you clear glowing skin.

7) Eat Healthily

You do all things to get clear skin but don’t forget to eat healthy because what you eat reflects on your skin so eat healthily and drink 8 glasses of water daily to flush out toxins from your body

8) Clear Skin Tips

1) Use a sheet mask twice a day
2) Use exfoliating toner like Pixi glow tonic
3) Eat your greens
4) Don’t touch your face
5) Be gentle with your skin
6) Do a patch test before applying any products or face packs
7) Cleanse your face twice a day
8) Moisturize your skin every day
9) Drink detox water and glowing skin drinks
10) Take your beauty sleep for 8 hours
Everything you do takes time so be consistent with your skincare and add these effective tips in your beauty routine to get clear glowing skin.
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  1. How can I get clear skin naturally?

    To get clear skin naturally follow this steps:

    1) Gently cleanse your skin twice a day

    2) Don’t be harsh with your skin while cleansing it can pop your pimples

    3) Avoid pimples popping it can damage your skin and lead to scars and dark spots

    4) Use clay mask twice a week

    5) Include salicylic acid in your skincare routine

    6) Don’t touch your face with dirty hands

    7) Apply hydrating moisturiser

    8) wear sunscreen daily

    9) Drink lots of water daily

    10) Avoid fast food

  2. How can I get clear skin overnight?

    To get clear skin overnight follow this steps:

    1) Apply pimple patch on your pimples

    2) Apply ice cubes

    3) Apply aloe vera gel

    4) Use clay mask

    5) Hydrate your body

  3. What foods make your skin clear?

    Here is the list of some foods that makes skin clear

    1) Oranges
    2) Tomatoes
    3) Green veggies
    4) Sweets potatoes
    5) Colourful fruits

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