Monsoon Skincare Tips you Need To Know For Glowing Healthy Skin

Best Monsoon Skincare Hacks 

Monsoon is here, we all love monsoon but not everything is good about monsoon we get many skin problems in monsoon such as oily skin, acne, fungal infection, and much more so in this post, I am sharing 6 monsoon skincare tips and tricks to make your skin glowing healthy and you will look fresh all day, in the last, I  also shared monsoon skincare essential For glowing skin, so you can enjoy the rainy season without worrying about your skin so let’s see monsoon skincare tips and tricks. 

1)  Do Less Makeup

In the rainy season try to do less makeup because of rain your makeup will going to ruin so do less makeup and try to use waterproof makeup and use water-based makeup because in this season humidity is much high and your face will going to look oily so avoid oil-based makeup.

2) clean your face

Wash your face twice a day to remove oil and dirt from your face in this season it’s important to clean your face because our skin gets oily and it builds up dirt on  face which can cause pimples so clean your face properly with the right cleanser according to your skin type try to use salicy acid cleanser to prevent acne and pimples. 

3) fuller earth face pack 

In the rainy season our skin gets oily so use fuller earth face pack twice a week for oil-free skin
Fuller earth face pack
1) take one teaspoon of fuller earth 
2) add two tablespoons of rose water 
3) add one teaspoon of aloe vera gel
4) mix all the ingredient together, and make a smooth paste
This face pack will control oil from your face helps to fight acne and pimples and make your skin glowing and healthy. 

4)  sheet mask

Use a sheet mask thrice a week to nourish and hydrate  your skin and adding a sheet mask to your skincare will give you a glass skin like Korean so use a sheet mask for soft and healthy skin. 

5) sun protection 

In the rainy season, we all avoid sunscreen but it’s a big no, we think we don’t need sunscreen because there is no sun but that’s not true there are sun rays which are harmful to skin so don’t skip your SPF and always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30.

6)  exfoliate 

Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin try to use a chemical exfoliator this will give you baby soft skin and it will lighten your dark spots and reduce pimples use it twice a week at night this will lighten your skin over time and remove dead skin cells and give you glowing smooth skin. 

7) Monsoon Skincare  essential 

Things you should have in your Monsoon skincare bag
• oil-absorbing sheet
• clay mask
• hydrating facial mist 
• chemical exfoliator 
• water-based moisturizer 
• hand cream
• sheet mask
• pimple patch 
• compact powder with SPF
•  hydrating face gel 
• sleeping mask
This was all monsoon skincare tips and tricks to look fresh and beautiful naturally don’t forget to hydrate your body and eat healthy and clean enjoy monsoon.
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