10 Juiciest Way To Smell Good All Day

You all know someone who smells amazing all day and you also want to smell good all day and want your perfume to last longer so in this post I am sharing how to smell good all the time and tips and tricks to smell good and fresh so let’s see it

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1) Put A Scented Sachet

Putting a scented sachet in your wardrobe will make your clothes fresh and smell good this smell will last longer from your clothes and make you smell good all day. You can check πŸ‘‰ ximi vogue clothing sachet this is my favourite white musk scented sachet its smell is really amazing and light.

2) Roll-on

Applying roll on in your underarms will control odor from your underarm and it will lighten your underarm and make you fresh all day try Nivea roll on it makes your skin smooth and lighten your underarm and smell amazing all-day

3) Shower

Take a shower every day this will help you to look fresh all day use a good smelling shower gel and apply lemon in your underarms while taking shower and leave it for 10 mins this will help you to smell good and control body odor.

4) Spray Perfume In A Comb

Spraying perfume in your comb will help spread a nice smell in your hairs or you can use hair perfume spray to make your hair smell amazing

5) Hand Cream

Using a nice hand cream will help you to smell good all day keep a hand cream in your bag and apply it when needed to smell amazing.

6) Solid Perfume

Use a solid perfume on your hand and neck this perfume stay for a longer time and make you smell good all day try namaya body solid perfume its smell really good and it comes for the underarms, inner thigh, knee, and bikini area it is safe to use in the bikini area and sensitive parts of your body.

7) Spray Perfume In Your Shoes

Spraying perfume in shoes will help you to control odor from your shoes and foot and make it fresh all day.

8) Tips To Smell Good All The Time

1) Shower daily
2) Drink lots of water
3) Apply solid perfume
4) Sprinkle the powder on your body
5) Use nice body lotion
6) Use a body mist
7) Spray perfume on your legs, neck, and hands
8) Use a coffee body scrub
9) Spray perfume on your clothes
10) Use a good smell moisturizer
Try these tips to smell amazing all day and look fresh I give all the products link πŸ‘† if you wish you can check them all😊

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