10 beauty hacks to maintain yourself

 Have you wonder you are not taking care of yourself enough you are feeling tired and lazy all day and you are searching for beauty hacks to maintain yourself on weekends so in this post I am going to tell you how I maintain myself and do self-care on weekends I will going to share some incredible beauty hacks and self-care tips to glow up for next week so let’s see it 


Friendly reminder you should do your basic skincare daily don’t just do a weekend beauty maintenance routine it’s just to maintain your beauty on weekends and to relax and feel best. 


1) exfoliate 

Exfoliate your body gently it will be going to remove all your dead skin cells and make your body glowing don’t forget to exfoliate your face try to use a chemical exfoliator this will give you baby soft skin. 

2) clay mask

Apply a clay mask to deep clean your skin clay mask is excellent for acne-prone skin use a clay mask twice a week for clear healthy skin. 

3) hair mask

Don’t forget your hair in beauty maintenance routine apply a deep conditioning hair mask to make your hair soft and healthy. 

4) Brows

Do your brows cut the extra hair from your hair use a trimmer or eyebrow pen to do your brows and apply almond oil before going to sleep for healthy brows. 

5)  Sheet mask

Apply sheet mask it will give you an instant glow and give your skin a boost of hydration sheet mask will give you a glass skin apply it before your skincare use it twice a week for glowing skin. 

6) nails

Remove nail polish from your nail, do a manicure give a shape to your nails do nail art, moisturize the cuticle of your nails. 

7) moisturizing 

After bath moisturize your body don’t forget to moisturize your body this will lead to dry and rough skin also don’t forget to moisturize your underarm.

8) meditation 

Do meditation before sleep for 20 mins this will relax your body give you a proper 8-hour sleep you will feel stress-free 

9) tea

Drink green tea before bed it’s full of antioxidants this will boost your immune system and give you clear skin

10) pillowcase 

Don’t forget to change your pillowcase before sleeping dirty pillowcase leads to many skin problems such as pimples and acne try to use silk pillowcases it’s good for your skin and hair. 

So this was all my beauty maintenance routine and beauty hacks to relax on your weekends. 

You can also watch at home beauty maintenance routine 👇🏻

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