7 exact ways you can look beautiful without makeup instantly

How to look pretty instantly without makeup we all wanted to look naturally fresh and attractive without makeup we all know someone who looks fresh and pretty all day without makeup but have you ever wonder what they do to maintain themselves there are so many ways to look  and feel confident without wearing makeup so let’s see some secret tips and tricks to maintain yourself and look naturally attractive and fresh 

How can I look attractive and pretty?

The first thing to look attractive is to wear your smile it makes you more attractive and beautiful, people who look attractive without makeup always have confidence about themselves, if we are obsessed with someone because they have a kind of confidence that we don’t have because confidence makes them believe that they are beautiful the way they are and that’s the top secret to look attractive without makeup, confidence about ourselves is the key to look beautiful naturally let see some tips which make you more attractive.
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1) Choosing the outfits – the biggest mistakes you do is choosing the wrong outfits we look at someone’s outfit and we think it’s looking beautiful on them and you also buy the similar outfit, but we should know we all have different body shapes and skin colors we have to choose our outfits according to our body shape and color and trust me you are going to look more attractive in your right outfit make sure to choose the outfits that are comfortable for you and you can flaunt it like a boss.
2) Skincare- it is something everyone should do, by doing skincare our skin looks its best and you don’t really need to wear makeup on days you are lazy doing makeup, by doing skincare your skin will going to start getting clear and flawless and you will  love your skin and also your makeup will start looking flawless and dewy choose your skincare according to your skin type don’t choose random products and start applying it, it will give you more skin problems so first know what is your skin type and choose your products correctly and avoid doing skincare mistakes ,if you are not doing skincare you should start it now and your skin will pay you off later
3) Do your hairs – try new hairstyle which suits on your face shape try to add some hair accessories it looks more attractive, if you have dry damaged hair which don’t look good then use hair mask twice a week use hydrating hair mask which is really good it will make your hair silky-smooth and bouncy and cut your split ends give yourself a new hair cut this will make you different and attractive. 
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4) eat healthy food it keeps your body and skin healthy and healthy food help skin to glow naturally all day, because you are what you eat, make this habit in your daily routine try to eat healthily it will make you healthy from inside out and improves your mood.
5) Workout- doing daily workout help maintain your body mind and health, doing workout every day for 30 mins will help you stay calm and positive and doing it daily will give you natural glow which everyone wants and it will give you a kind of confidence that you want to look attractive.
6) Stay happy-  have you notice people who always stay happy glow differently from inside out, happiness is the key to look beautiful happy people’s look more attractive and pretty try to find happiness in small thing and always stay happy this will make you glow differently from others 
7) beauty sleep is important to look fresh and attractive all day take your 8 hours of beauty sleep and relax your body and mind. 
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This was all secret to maintain yourself and look attractive without makeup include these tips in your daily routine and always know you are beautiful the way you are and love yourself for no reason. 

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