10 Skincare Mistakes You Should Never Do

 If you are doing tons of things for your skincare routine trying many products for healthy-looking skin but nothing works, your skin problems are the same there is no change in your skin and getting more acne and pimples every day so you should know what common mistakes you are doing in your skincare routine which is making your skin worst and dull day by day and wrong skincare can lead to more skin problems so let’s see 10 things you should never do in your skincare routine 


1) Cleansing 

The first mistake you do in your skincare routine is not choosing the right face wash for cleansing your face, you just pick random face wash and start using it because everyone is using it or someone else is using and getting better results but we should know that everyone has different skin types and skin problems you have to choose your cleanser according to your skin type because if you have oily skin and you are using a cleanser for dry skin type nothing gonna works so choose your cleanser accordingly. 

Wash your face properly don’t just apply and wash it off massage your cleanser for 52 seconds on your face and make sure you’re also applying it on your hairline and neck and avoid using it on your under-eye skin. 


2) Sunscreen 

Not applying sunscreen or not applying sunscreen in the right way common mistake people do in their skincare routine if we apply many products on our skin but not applying sunscreen then you are wasting your time and money using expensive skincare products because if you don’t apply sunscreen, your skincare is not going to work for you and your expensive products are useless without sunscreen so make sure to apply sunscreen every day even if you are at home, you need to apply sunscreen in the right amount, always make sure you are applying a half teaspoon of sunscreen on your face to protect your skin from the sun its important to apply a half teaspoon of sunscreen and reapply it after 2 to 3 hours now you were thinking how we can reapply our sunscreen on makeup don’t worry you can use sunscreen spray or compact powder with SPF to protect your skin from the sun. 

3) Wrong Skincare products  

Using cheap or harmful chemical skincare products and you don’t have any idea how these products are ruining your skin make sure to check ingredient on every skincare products you are purchasing if your skincare products are containing ingredients like paraben, sulfate, silicones, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol, Phthalates, Synthetic colors, and more then it’s time to say goodbye to your products choose your Skincare products correctly or take expert advice for correct skincare products.


4) Over exfoliating 

Over exfoliating your skin and using harsh exfoliating scrubs many people exfoliate their skin every day because it’s get rid of Dead skin cells and make your skin soft yes that’s true but using it regularly is a big No-No it can damage your skin if you are exfoliating your skin regularly only exfoliate your skin 2 or 3 times a week its enough for your skin scrub your skin very gently like a baby skin don’t scrub your face harshly it can damage your skin and use scrub according to your skin type. 

Pro tip: use every product and cleanser very gently on your skin don’t rub it on your skin it can damage your skin. 

5) Not removing your makeup before bed 

If you are one of those who sleep with makeup then your skin is not going to forgive you, you can’t imagine how badly it affects our skin and also make you look older early and can give you many skin problems always remove your makeup properly before going to bed no matter how much tired you are you have to remove your makeup and try to apply moisturizer after removing your makeup. 

6) sleeping on a dirty pillowcase

Not changing your pillowcase regularly and sleeping on a dirty pillowcase can lead to many skin problems such as pimples that no one wants to, so change your pillowcase regularly and use silk pillowcases it’s good for your skin if we sleep on cotton pillowcase we can have skin issues because while sleeping our skin touches the pillow and cause friction, by friction of cotton our skin collagen can breakdown so use silk pillowcases which is gentle on our skin and try not to touch your face on a pillow while sleeping. 

7) touching your face 

Touching your face is a bad habit you have to avoid touching your face as our hands have many bacteria which transfer to our skin if we touch our skin with dirty hands and can lead to many skin problems so avoid touching your face if not necessary. 

8) applying products with dirty hands

Before applying products on your face always wash your hands properly if you apply skincare products with dirty hands it can’t work for you properly or it can lead to acne and pimples so wash your hands properly before applying products and make sure to clean your skincare products because many times dust and germs are settled down on our products and we touch that product and apply it to our skin which is not good so make sure to clean your hands and products as well. 

9) applying products in the wrong order 

Many people just randomly layer any products but we should know there is the correct order for layering products, layering products in correct order can effectively work on your skin apply thinner products first then apply thicker products that’s the proper order to layer your skincare. 

10) not getting proper sleep

We all know how much 8 hours of sleep is important in our daily lifestyle if you want that your skin should look its best then you have to take your beauty sleep if you sleep late at night then your skincare products are not going to work effectively we all know that while sleeping our skin goes in repairing mode and products work well at night time so take your beauty sleep and most importantly love yourself and stay happy for glowing healthy skin. 

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