Weekend night pamper ideas at home

 Are you looking for luxury pamper ideas but you don’t know how to pamper yourself and relax, some of us also don’t know what is pampering so before sharing pampering ideas I will tell you what is pampering?

You all have listened that some people are telling about they are gonna pamper themself at the weekend so pampering is all about taking care of yourself filled with joy and relaxation.

So you all know what is pampering so let’s see luxury ideas of pampering 

1) change the mattress with clean, sparkling sheets – and open the window to let the sweet nighttime smells and cooling air in. Make a soothing playlist all these little things will make you fresh and happy. 

Arrange all your things make your wardrobe ready for the next week spray soothing light spray in your room remove all unwanted things from your room. 

2) Make some delicious snacks earlier – and hot beverages, for this may permit them time to cool, if you are a diet person you can make a bowl of fruits and cup of green tea or whatever you love to eat for a bath. 

3)  set out clean comfy pajamas for wearing after taking a bath. Light some candles in the bathroom, candles will make your bathroom calming and give you a feel-like aroma and Candles soothing smell will relax your body and mind.

4) play soothing music make your bathtub ready put bubble bomb in the bathtub take your relaxing drink which you make earlier. Now jump into the bathtub.

5) do your body care exfoliate your body gently this will remove all your dead skin cells from the body, use a gentle body wash for your body, soak your body in the bathtub and enjoy your drink, for full-body care you can check my previous post. 

6) do hair care massage your shampoo gently to the roots, exfoliate your scalp apply a hair mask according to your hair type after hair care towel dry your hair apply serum to the ends of hairs to prevent dryness. 

7) then wrap your bathrobe then do your pamper night skincare pick good skincare according to your skin type. Pamper your skin with good products apply a face mask according to what your skin needs after the face mask apply toner, serum, and moisturizer, or whatever your skincare routine is. 

Don’t forget your body apply body lotion to your body and pick good hand cream for soft-looking hands.

8) do your nails- apply nail paint and do nail art, gave shape to your nail eat the snacks you make then change your pajamas apply deodorant to your underarms.

9) put fairy lights on your bed, if you don’t have fairy lights light up a candle, read the book you love, on a humidifier, this will make your room calming, purify the air and make your skin hydrated.

10) before sleep stretch your body on the bed do meditation sprinkle some essential oil on your pillow, essentials oils make you sleep better.

After that, there’s not anything that completes a pamper nighttime like wrapping up in the soft fluffy blanket. Comment down what you guys do for pampering

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