6 Toxic Habits Of Morning Routine



A bad morning routine can ruin your day and can make you irritated, tired and can cause stress all day a good morning routine habits can set your day but a toxic bad morning routine habits can ruin your entire day so let’s see what toxic habits you should avoid for a good morning routine.

1} sleeping late at night:  sleeping late at night can disturb your sleep cycle and can make you grumpy, affect your health, and in the morning you will wake up with frustration, puffy eyes and a tired body, 8 hours of sleep is important for health and mind, try to sleep early at night and avoid using mobile before sleep and poor sleep can ages your skin so try to sleep early at night for a better morning routine.
2} not planning your day: for a better morning, you should plan your day at night so you can remember everything you have to do and can stay productive all day. 

3} Hitting The Snooze Button: this can make you late for your work and disturb your work schedule if you snooze your alarm you will wakeup late because you entered into a sleep cycle that takes you from 5 mins to 1 hour for waking up so don’t snooze your alarm button wakeup and chase your dreams.

4} Checking your phone: checking your mobile phone after waking up but if you want a good morning routine that can set you all day then you should avoid checking your phone checking your phone can give you bad vibes and can affect your day.

5} having a coffee:  if you are a coffee lover and first thing in the morning you drink your cup of coffee then you should stop drinking coffee on an empty stomach this can irritate your stomach and that’s a bad morning ritual first thing in the morning you should hydrate your body and after that eat something then you can have your cup of coffee.

6} not making your bed: research found that making your bed can make you more productive and increase your productivity throughout the day, making your bed in the morning is really a good habit in the morning routine if you are not yet making your bed start it from now. 

Avoid these all bad morning routine habits and make your routine better and stress-free. 

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