Top 5 Korean Skincare Secrets No One Tells You

If there’s one question that crosses everyone’s minds after seeing Korean girls is how they have such great flawless skin? What’s the secret in their skincare? You are not the one everyone wants to know their skincare secrets but we all should know


They pay plenty of interest to their skincare routine, choose great products, and more to maintain their flawless nicely-maintained skin. Girls are groomed due to the fact early life with beauty knowhow and skincare hacks surpassed on from generations. Well, it’s miles just part of the Korean beauty subculture.

Now you all are curious to know Korean skincare secret in this post I am sharing with you secrets of Korean skincare which takes you from dull skin to flawless dewy skin, but before sharing Korean skin secrets we all should know we need to be consistent with our skincare for that great glowing skin in this post I also shared Korean products, because korean products are very effective and great so you all should not have to worry where to buy Korean skincare products so let’s get started.
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1} take steam

Korean people take steam regularly it cleans the skin deeply and repairs skin, they do quick massage to their face with oil while taking steam it removes dirt and blackheads from their skin and they take a steamy shower which open up pores and help clear dirt then they massage their body and do their pamper routine for glowing healthy skin.

2) then they cleanse their skin with face wash to remove oil and dirt from their skin you can use Innisfree green tea face wash or you can check different face wash from Innisfree they have different types of face wash according to skin types.
3) exfoliate your skin they do this step twice a week to remove dead skin cells from their face
4) after that they use toner to remove remaining dirt from the skin and balance out skin pH level you can use Klairs toner or you can use rice water as a toner korean people also use rice water to get glowing skin.
5) essence is one of the important parts of the Korean skincare routine. it soothes your skin and repairs your skin. An essence is full of hydrating and speeds up skin healing you can try cosrx essence
6) then they use a serum to repair their skin problems like pigmentation, dark spots, and wrinkles
7) they use a sheet mask for glowing-looking skin it gives a boost of hydration to their skin they use it twice a week.
Note: use a sheet mask after washing your face then follow a skincare routine.
8) then they use an eye cream to get rid of dark circles and to prevent wrinkles.
9) then they apply moisturizer they believe it is important to apply moisturizer to lock in the previous skincare layers and lock moisture to their skin you can try the face shop ceramics moisturizer
10) they make sure to apply sunscreen regularly to protect their skin from the sun they reapply their sunscreen after 2 to 3 hours you can use Innisfree sunscreen.
Note: sunscreen is the must-have product without sunscreen your skincare is not going to work for you, if you are doing this step at night so skip the sunscreen

3} Tea

Koreans love their cup of tea and not just for its taste but umpteen skin and fitness benefits. Those beauty teas consist of ginseng tea, roasted barley tea, and inexperienced tea to call a few. They may be wealthy in antioxidants and fight zits and other pesky pores and skin issues which help them to have clear and radiant skin . Those brewed liquids are also good for weight loss and for body detox which also contribute to their younger beauty. Drinking a cup of any of those teas regularly can give you healthy glowing and spotless skin.

4) they visit for skin treatment

Korean people visit dermatologists for weekly facials and treatment to maintain their flawless skin they try different facial according to what their skin needs and they also take vitamin c supplements to protect their skin from the sun from inside.

5) overnight mask

At night our skin goes in repairing mode and that’s when our skin effectively repairs and products work well that’s why Korean people apply the overnight hydrating mask and takes an 8 hour of beauty sleep It helps lock the lost moisture inside the pores and skin and make it appear brighter and clean within the morning. It also fights aging and dullness and gives you a brighter complexion the next morning, you can try dot & key sleeping mask.
Note: upper I only recommended Korean products which are really amazing if you wish you can check it out.
There were all the Korean beauty secrets to get skin like Korean people you have to do your skincare consistently and have to invest in good products try these Korean skincare secrets in your skincare routine and achieve glowing healthy skin.

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