How To Prevent Hair Loss And Double Hair Growth

Losing your hair ?
Hair is everything. We wish it wasn’t so we could believe something else occasionally, but it is. it is the difference between an honest day and a nasty day. Be that because it may, taking care of one’s hair makes it more likely that one experiences the elusive good hair day more often than not. But with varying textures, densities, and hair conditions, it is often hard to understand where to start.
Here’s the way to protect your hairs within the include this 5 habits to grow hair faster and longer naturally at home

How To Increase Hair Growth

1) Hair Wash

In Lockdown people are washing their hair very less and that’s a really bad thing people who have dandruff and itchy scalp should not avoid washing their hair it will be going to worsen the hair condition so here are tips on how to wash hair properly
1) always wash your hair at least 2 times a week.
2) dilute your shampoo in water then apply it to your scalp.
3) use sulfate-free shampoo for your hair.
4) for faster hair growth try washing your hair in the inversion method.
5) wash your hair with cold water this will lock the moisture in your hair.

2) Hair Oiling :

Hair oiling is the most important step in hair care if you want healthy hair and scalp then hair oiling is must, do hair oiling before hair washing leave it for 2 to 3 hours that’s enough for your hair don’t leave it overnight if you have oily scalp this will cause hair fall.

Tips For Hair Oiling:

1) apply oil on your scalp only ,don’t apply oil on hairs because while washing hair you will need more amount of shampoo for washing hairs and this will dry your hair.
2) massage your hair gently while applying oil and try to massage in the inversion method.
3) if you have dandruff and itchy scalp problem mix 2 to 3 drops of tea tree essential oil in your hair oil this will help in treating dandruff and itchy scalp.


3)Hair Mask:

Apply a hair mask once a week to give a boost to your hair choose a hair mask according to your hair types apply the hair mask evenly on your hair.
 hair mask will treat dry damaged hair and give you silky, bouncy hair, and control frizzy hair.

4)Important Tips For Hair Growth

1) always use a Wooden comb for your hair this will help you control frizzy hair.
2) start combing your hair from the downside then comb upper hair this trick will help you from hair breakage.
3) don’t apply conditioner to your scalp this will lead to more dandruff and sticky scalp.
4) make sure to not touch your hair frequently this will make your hair dirty and cause hair problems.
5) use a scalp scrub one time a week this will remove dead skin cells from your scalp and detox your hair.
6) drink 8 glasses of water for keeping your hair hydrated. That’s the cheapest way to get healthy long hair.
7) don’t over-style your hair this will damage your hair.
8) always use heat protection spray for hair while using hair styling tools.
9) eat healthy food and exercise regularly.
10) if you have extreme hair fall consult your doctor.
Hope I help you guys ❤

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