Summer Glow Up Ideas And Checklist To Get Summer Glow

Summer  Glow Up Tips

Are you looking for a summer glow up then you are in right place, Summer is simply across the nook, and it’s that time again wherein warmness and humidity are outstanding excessive? And even as you adore the warmer temperatures best for outside activities or a quick beach go to, sadly, we all hate immoderate sweating which makes us dull and tired,  so don’t worry today am going to share with you all summer glow up tips and how to look fresh in summer these ideas will help you to stay fresh and pretty in summers,  try this  summer glow up routine to look beautiful naturally all day.

1) hydrate- drink as much water as possible as I always say water is the cheapest way to achieve glowing skin, try to drink detox drink in summer this will remove toxins from your body make you feel refresh and give you clear glowing skin try different healthy juices this summer to stay hydrated also cut-out sugar drinks this will cause dull skin which we don’t want, so drink healthy juices.


2) self-care- stay clean this summer try to take shower twice a day in summer, by taking shower  twice a day will prevent body acne problems caused by sweat and Gently Exfoliate your body 2 to 3 times a week and apply light perfume to smell good all day if you want full body care check out my previous post.

3) summer glowy makeup- try to do light makeup this summer, don’t apply heavy foundation, heavy foundation can melt because of sweating , before doing makeup apply an ice cube on your face this will give you an instant glow-like model. Try peachy makeup look this will make you more attractive in summers.

Pro tip- use BB cream instead of foundation in summers.

4) summer fashion hack- Wear light-colored clothes in the summer season because mild coloring reflects warmness which allows our body to maintain cool, avoid dark color, dark color clothes absorb more light and that can make you feel hot. Keep your clothes loose Because the temperature is going higher, try getting clothes which are loose and comfortable, wear shorts, Shorts are a summer staple.

5)hair- cut off dead ends of hair try a new hair color, wash your hair properly in summer as we get more sweat in summers our hair gets dirty try to wash your hair 3 times a week in summer and apply a hydrating hair mask to make hair soft and shiny.

6) skincare- in summer skin gets oily and dull so you need to change your skincare according to what your skin needs, don’t stick with your old skincare routine which dont works for your skin in summer, because in different weather our skin type and skin problems changes so do effective skincare which suits your skin.

 summer skincare essentials which we need for our skin in hot Summer.
Face mist
 clay mask
 hydrating sheet mask
acne strips
 light moisturizer
If you want a skincare routine for oily skin you can check it out my previous post.

7) summer glow up checklist

• drink lots of water
• pick skincare routine
• wash your hair at least 3 times a week
• meditate every day
• eat healthily
pamper yourself
• exercise daily
• keep your lips moisturized
• do nail art
• go for a body spa
• write journal
• stay positive
• get 8 hr sleep
• cut out sugar
• take me time
• stay positive
• buy summer clothes
• get your summer hat
• wear less jewelry
• get a lip balm with SPF

Also, try amazing beauty hacks in summers to give your skin extra glow.

Stay fresh this summer and enjoy your summer holidays, follow this summer glow up ideas and checklist this will help you to be beautiful in this hot summer.


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